Parksville : Vancouver Island – New Years at the Beach!

The first day of 2016!  It was a cold day but a good day.  First day needs to start off well, so I did exercise, eat, exercise, eat and, oh, a healthy polar swim to get the heart started!

Good Morning, Parksville!

I got up, opened the curtains, and saw the beach right in front of me.  I grabbed my jacket and went to the beach through my patio door.  It was surprisingly cold, with frosts covering the sand and seaweeds that floated onto shore.

Parksville Beach

I wanted to catch the first sunrise of 2016 but there were too many clouds.  Nevertheless, the colors in the skies, in the water and everything complimenting it was amazing.

Parksville Boardwalk

It was really pretty and if I had wore more clothes, would have stayed longer, but I went back in to get ready for .. New Years at the gym!

The gym was .. old

The gym was actually a bit disappointing, the equipment was older and the room was too cramped for my liking.  They also have a pool and a hot tub but the latter was always full of people.  However, work-out was still OK.  After that .. it was brunch!

Finding Breakfast

Finding a breakfast place was more difficult than my friend and I had thought because it was New Years and if there wasn’t a lot opened in Vancouver then there wasn’t going to be anything opened in Parksville.  We walked for a while hoping for anything (anything but chevron gas station food that is) before finding the Bread and Honey Food Company (162 Harrison Ave, Parksville) and shockingly, the ‘open’ sign was flashing!

Healthy delicious Brunch


I ordered a latte, a Spanish sandwich, and a hash brown on the side.  It took almost 30 minutes for the meal to come but it was delicious!  The waitress also took much care into making my latte 🙂  It was totally worth the wait!

Did I miss the Polar Bear Swim!?

I was going to do the polar bear swim, but I missed it .. even wore my bathing suit and everything but I think it might have been a good thing.  It was really cold … and the people who did do it- were shivering.

Polar Swim in Parksville

Furthermore, had I done the polar bear swim, I wouldn’t have had the chance to walk around the beautiful Parksville Boardwalk!

View from the Parksville Boardwalk

That was it, my friend and I decided to move here when we become old single ladies.  We would get a few dogs, some lawn chairs, a huge bag of yarn and a constant supplies of coffee and hot cocoa while we stare off into the horizons.

Parksville Boardwalk

I think we took 45 minutes to cover the boardwalk but we stopped to take photos along the way.  The colors of the skies changed again, this time to a bright blue.  It was such a nice day to be outside.

Howling Dog

Parksville has one of the oldest population in B.C., possibly in Canada since it is a nice spot to retire.  The houses and yards are probably bigger and it seems as though everyone has a dog, especially when we were at the park.  We even met an old dog that howls.

Souvenir Photo from Parksville.  Check….

Before we went back to the hotel, we stopped by the Parksville Community Park, where there was a huge playground for kids, a small outdoor gym, and a skate park.


Even a swing for wheelchair


When we got back, we had our free lunch at the Pacific Prime Restaurant & Lounge, courtesy of our BC Ferries Vacation package.  We ordered fish and chips as well as a seafood salad.  I don’t think the one I ordered is on the menu anymore, so I don’t know the exact name.

Fish and Chips
InstagramCapture_9aaabff5-0f45-41c3-8981-6c15bd8f6d4d (1)
Seafood Salad.

After eating, we stayed in the room, relaxed and enjoyed the view.  I wasn’t too happy that I missed the polar bear swim so I contemplated going into the waters to do it alone.

View from my room

… but it was too cold .. not to mention it was low tide! I don’t even know how far I would need to run to get into the waters!

First sunset of 2016.

At sunset, the skies turned color again, this time into a shade of pink, purple, or fuchsia.

Our Hotel / Resort
Good Evening Parksville

We were so full from our late lunch that we couldn’t eat dinner.  We ate the salty fries from lunch, had some chips, finished the bottle of champagne and called it a day 🙂

Date of Travel : January 1 2016


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