Vancouver : Vancouver Art Gallery

There is officially something to do on Tuesdays nights!  Vancouver is an expensive city and it often costs more than $20 to do anything.  On the bright side, there are days when entry to some things are by donation – like the Vancouver Art Gallery!

Art Gallery

The art gallery normally costs $24.00 per person but on Tuesdays after 6 PM, entry is by donation.  They prefer that you pay at least $10 but I have seen people with coins.

Art Gallery @ Credit: Soyul

Another good thing about going on Tuesdays is that its hours are extended from 5 PM to 9 PM.  Therefore, it’s date night for a lot of people ….. additional information here.

Banner @ Credit: Soyul

The art gallery changes its exhibitions about once every four months, but they can have different exhibitions on different floors.  There is about a month where it is closed for updating.

Floor one : The Digital Age
First Floor Lobby
First Floor Lobby
First Floor – Wallpaper

That day, we had dinner first before lining up to get in.  Usually people get there around 5:30 PM or even earlier in order to get in first and spend more time inside.  The exhibition we attended was the called the Mashup, which features artists of the 20th century.  It isn’t a very big gallery compared with other ones in the world, so it features a just couple of pieces from various artists.

Andy Warhol on 3rd Floor
Andy Warhol and Mao
Andy Warhol on 3rd Floor
Andy Warhol – electrical chair @ credit: Soyul

It has 4 floors and I would start from the 4th floors and make my way down since the highest floor houses the early 20th century artists whereas the lower floors consist of the more contemporary artists.  Honestly, I don’t know much about art, but even so, we took about 2 hours to walk all 4 floors and had to sit down to catch our breathes a few times.

Glass ceilings and ceiling-to-floor windows!! My future home
Animation Strip
Red, White and Blue bag

If you go on the regular days, you can even try to catch a tour with one of the curators to better understand the art pieces 🙂

Thank you for Visiting! Photo credit: Soyul

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