Vancouver : Paint Night

If you ask tourists what they like about Vancouver, one of the answer would probably be the scenic beauty, which is true but it is hard to enjoy it when it is pouring rain out.  When Vancouver becomes Raincouver, it is time to look indoors for a night of fun activities.

paint night

One of the activities I wanted to do but no one else seemed to be interested in was Paint Nite, where for two hours, someone will teach you how to replicate a painting.  There are various painting locations with various paintings on various nights. However, you have to book early because they sell out pretty fast, especially the ones in downtown (except the one that I went to).  You also have to be over 21 because it sells alcohol (drinking and painting responsibly).

Awaiting Paint Night to Start

Normally, it costs $50.00 but they do promote on groupons and has coupon codes all over the internet that often gives up to 45% discounts.  We used a groupon but the host gave us a coupon code (WOW45OFF) for future paint nights and for other friends. (There site here)

my seat!

My friend and I (yeah! dragged someone to go with me) wanted to do the first paint night available, so we ended up booking a paint night at the Best Western near English Bay and the theme was Pink Blossoms.  I have to say, the bar and restaurant was a bit sketchy, it reminds of those inns in Nevada I had stopped by for washroom breaks during a road trip.  It had food, bar, and a weird smell similar to cigarettes  .. the only thing missing was the ka-ching ka-ching sound of slot machines but in its place, a hockey game in the background.

dinner at Vera’s burger across the street

When we were there, the host came by to register us and we just sat anywhere with a blank canvas, paint in a plate, and an apron.  For whatever reason, I thought there was at least one drink included but it wasn’t true, you have to buy.

Painting in progress

The painting was surprisingly easy and each person can do their own interpretation  .. our paint leader merely gave us the patterns to do the painting.

Almost completed

Some of the paintings were quite interesting!  Psychologists sometimes asks patients to draw a topic and depending on their interpretation of it, is able to analyze their psyche (psychology of art) …. Luckily, none of the paintings were scary, so everyone appears to have had fun! Our theme was pink blossoms illuminated by the moonlight but somehow my friend made it illuminated by the sun.  Other people changed the colors of the blossoms to blue and purple and still others added an touch of their own style.

Finish product
friend’s painting

We get to bring the painting back home and the canvas wasn’t too big so it was OK to bring home but the bigger question is .. where to hang it …

*Continually in search for fun weekday activities in Vancouver*


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