Victoria : Vancouver Island – Westsong Walkway

Our last stop was the Songhee Walkway, which is across from the Inner Harbour.  We had already been to Beacon Hill Park, Royal BC Museum, Inner Harbour, and Chinatown.

Over the bridge to Songhee walkway

The Blue Bridge or Johnson Street Bridge is located on Pandora Avenue and after crossing it, becomes Esquimalt Road.  Rather than continuing, there is a small path going down towards the seaside and that brings you to the Westsong Walkway.

The view from the bridge is already quite pretty!

WP_20160326_022 (1)WP_20160326_023

The walkway was quiet and there were many benches for people to sit and enjoy the view.  There are still more joggers and walkers as well as many dog walkers.


The walk is fairly flat and nicely paved.  There are no uphills or downhills and cyclists are not allowed on the path.  The whole walk is about 6 KM but we didn’t walk the whole way.


Let’s sit and have a rest

There were many hotels on this part of Victoria. However, the land belongs to the Songhee people  and that is where the name comes from.


There are water taxis that brings visitors around the inner harbour, including this side.


Since we came in Spring, the flowers were in full bloom – it was gorgeous!


We walked back after walking 1.5 hours to find lunch and prepare to get the 1 hour bus back to Swartz Bay!  I only saw one café along the way and it was in the hotel.  Eventaully we passed by Bastion Square, which had once greeted sailors another others from the sea to old Fort Victoria.

Bastion Square

We walked back to Douglas Street where the bus 70, and 72 to Swartz Bay Terminal can be taken.  We found a cafe called Dolce Vita Coffee Art and decided to rest there for an hour for lunch and WiFi.  I ordered a Coffee and a Pepperoni Calzone and shared the latter with my friend.

WP_20160326_035WP_20160326_037 (1)InstagramCapture_60dcf2ce-6d79-4270-8a0d-24d1a005ab0d (1)

We waited for the bus, ours was a double decker bus.

WP_20160326_039 (1)

The bus came on time and we paid him in cash.  A one-way ticket costs $2.50 and they can give you a transfer if you ask for one.  They don’t give any change, so make sure you have exact change.


We left around 2 PM so it was not particularly busy.  We were able to get the best seats on the double decker bus – the front seat on the second level!


On the way, we saw many smaller towns, fields, horses and horse stalls, as well as the seaside !


We got to the terminal at 2:40 PM and with the next ferry leaves at 3 PM, it gave us plenty of time to buy our tickets and walk to the passenger terminal.  It was a non rush-hour weekend, so we paid a cheaper price of $11.65.


I feel like the ferry we were on was smaller than the one that brought us here but they had the top deck opened to the public (sometimes, it is chained to keep people out, maybe during windy days?)


We got back to Tsawwassen terminal and took an express bus 620 to Bridgeport.  The express bus just went from the terminal to Bridgeport, not stopping in any other stops.  Therefore, it only took 30 minutes.

.. and that was the end of the Victoria trip!

Day of Visit : March 26,  2016.


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