Abbotsford : Fraser Valley – Abbotsford Tulips Festival 2016

Spring is here (Part 2) and so is the Abbotsford Tulip Festival!  It usually starts near the end of March and finishes around the beginning of May.  This year, it started on March 25 and it only goes until May 1 (of this year: 2016) .

Tulip Festival


Each year around this time, visitors go to Skajit Valley in the U.S. and Agassi to visit these tulip festivals but I actually never really heard of the one in Abbotsford.  My friend drove and together with another friend (but 7 people in all), we went on Highway 1 towards the east.  Our driver was great, she didn’t even need to use a GPS and despite a traffic jam, it didn’t take long for us to get there from Edmonds Station in South Burnaby.

Finally, we saw a small sign that said “tulip festival” and turned in.  There were 3 lines: 2 for credit and debit card payment and one for cash.  Admission is $5 per person + $5 per car.  There were plenty of parking spaces available.


On their website is an interesting story about how the festival came to be and also the tulip cycle.  For less than two months of beauty, there was sure a lot of work that went into it.


The flowers are separated in species and colors and there are designated paths that visitors can walk on.   They don’t want visitors stepping on the soil for obvious reasons but some visitors do try to go between the rows to take the best photos with the tulips.

I brought my crocheted kokeshi with me to act as my model for the day =)


When people walk into the fields and not see where they are stepping – tulips can die!


There was a huge bottleneck near the entrance, as people stopped and took photos.  We decided to walk across to the other side, where there were considerably less people.


I really like the white tulips, it matches perfectly my kokeshi …


There were a few people dressed in nice dresses and even bringing props, becoming models themselves against the flowery backdrop.  There were still others who were taking couple shots and parents bringing their younger kids out for a day trip out.


There wasn’t a lot of bugs and I would assume it would get muddy if it rained.  Since it was also out in the open .. there was no coverings, so prepare according to weather.


The location itself doesn’t have any cafes or restaurants but it does have a couple of picnic benches that are often full.  Therefore, it is best to eat first before going there.  I don’t think it would be a good idea to picnic there either … you could be in someone’s photos!



There were lots of kids running around with tulips and I sure hope they didn’t pluck it from the ground … For those wanting to take some tulips home, there is an area where people can pick tulips for 0.75 a stem.  They will wrap it up for you 🙂 They don’t, however, give you water.

my friend’s flowers

We brought our own lunch, so the next stop is finding an area to have our little picnic.

Day of travel : April 9th, 2016



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