Abbotsford : Fraser Valley – Matsqui Trail

We purposely came here by accident.  It was literally the last place we would find ourselves on a Saturday afternoon, right smack between Mission and Abbotsford in a place where none of us have ever been.  Not that it was a bad thing, it was surprisingly interesting.

Mission Bridge 

Nothing bad happened, we were searching for a place to have a picnic after returning from the Abbotsford Tulip Festival.  The organizer suggested we go to a picnic area in Abbotsford, little did we know that it was 20 minutes away from the festival in the northern borders of Abbotsford and Mission.

Matsqui Park

It did allow us to discovery the quint Abbotsford countryside.  The park was under the Mission Bridge and we had to go through the residential areas to get there.  There were a few park and picnic benches as well as many parking spaces.  There are two outdoor washroom but I did not go in.

We picked a spot just underneath a tree and proceed to have our picnic lunch.  From time to time, friendly dogs come to visit us with their eager noses.


After lunch, we walked on the trail closest to the water.  There were joggers, bikers, and horseback riders.  There were also many surprises on the floor but that is to be expected with the presence of horses.  Actually, there is a horseback riding ranch nearby …

The trail

We walked to the edge and then walked back.  Nice and calm area with friendly walkers.  It can get a bit quiet and it isn’t shaded all the time.  I would bring a hat and sunglasses.  There are some water fountains to refill your bottled water.


There is a rabbit 
end of our walk…

After the hike, we went on the Abbotsford-Mission Highway to return to Vancouver via  Coquitlam and Burnaby just because it was closer and more familiar to us.  Plus, we were able to have our many choices of Korean food near Burquitlam.

We ate at Jasmine Club, a Korean-version of Chinese food 🙂 Nothing beats chicken.  Finally, we also had bubble tea.



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