Vancouver : Sun Run, Sports Hall of Fame and the typical weekend

The Sun Run is held every year since 1985 and its named after one of the largest newspaper in the province.  From its beginnings, the race fast became one of the largest in the world, with more than 40,000 participants.

sun run 

Bib pick-ups: information were all located on the website as well as the free newspapers.  It was at an expo located in BC Place, but very small and barely anyone was there when I went.  There was free coffee and even a box of spaghetti!

Inside the same building was the BC Sports Hall of Fame.  Admission for adult is $15.00 but you can get discounts if you have ticket stubs from other attractions.

Olympics 2010 – Miga 

The museum introduces locals and tourists about BC athletes, features some of the memorabilia of past events such as the 2010 Winter Olympics as well as items athletes have kept.

Greg Moore
Lookout to the stadium

Some the galleries included the Vancouver 2010, In Her Footsteps (about great BC female athletes), Terry Fox, Rick Hansen, Greg Moore, etc.  There is also an interactive area where kids can play hockey and fuse ball (so some kids have birthday parties in here).  Items are a bit old but I am sure they decorate it if there was an event.

Sun Run ! 

Back to the Sun Run.  It isn’t a charity event but it is nice to participate in it.  There are a few ‘clinics’ that runners can sign up for and they run distances around downtown a couple of times a week to train.


It is the first time I ever attempted to do the sun run.  I don’t get reimbursed by the company nor do I get anything in return (except a T-Shirt).  I just wanted to see if my 30-year-old body is able to run 10 km.

WP_20160417_010 (1)
inching closer 


The registration was $58.00 dollars but there are corporate rates as well as early bird rates.  You can sign up on the website, or with the company if you decide to be part of a team.

WP_20160417_006 (1)

I wanted to take picture throughout the run as well but it got harder and harder after each kilometers and I only ended up taking 3 pictures.  Most of the photos were taken at the start line at West Georgia street.  We were split into colors, and colors are determined by your estimated finishing time.  I was being cautious and said I can finish before 1 hr 45 minutes.

At the start line 

Some people arrived pretty early so they ran with other colors, but that also meant they were blocking, especially the walkers.

The race begins!

WP_20160417_013 (1)
starting to run…

Along the way, there were lots of lost items and paper cups.

WP_20160417_015 (1)
Burrard Bridge

The point was to enjoy though, there were lots of singers on the road as well as normal people cheering the runners on.  When I started, almost 60% of the people were already on their way.  In fact, my friend in another color group finished 15 minutes after I started.

At the end of the 10 KM, we can make our way inside the BC Stadium, which was opened to everyone and there were lots of freebies to be had! Like .. bananas, and bagel, protein drinks as well as orange juices from small boxes to 2 liters!

WP_20160417_016 (1)
WP_20160417_018 (1)


Regardless, we left after a while and met up with friends for afternoon tea at Laduree, the Parisian macaroon chain store on Robson St. The line up outside was long but there were few people inside the restaurant for dine-in.


My friend and I had the $40.00 afternoon tea, which included a hot chocolate, 3 mini macaroons, 2 financier, and a yogurt berry salad.  My other friends share 4 macaroons with afternoon tea while another purchased a $15.00 French toast that he secretly hope it flew in from France ….



It was a very nice meal … but we had pizza afterwards.

We went shopping before getting on the sky train to Richmond for dinner. We ended up eating fried chicken and peach soju.



We tried to go next door for shaved ice at Snowy Village but the wait was more than 1 hour-long, so we went to a nearby lobby and watched some TV.

Finally our shaved ice arrived.

.. time to head home.



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