Vancouver : UBC – Museum, hike and Beach

It has been three weeks since that sunny sleepy Sunday afternoon that I finished my homework and headed to U.B.C with a friend.  While there, we went to the Rose Garden, Museum of Anthropology, hiked part of the Pacific Spirit Trail, and visited Wreck Beach … it was also here that one of my favorite crochet doll I made disappeared forever.   It fell from my bag and it’s gone.


We took a skytrain from downtown to Broadway town hall and then took the 99B Line to UBC. We walked around the campus and made our way to the Rose Garden via West Mall.


It is my first time coming to this place.  It was up on a hill and it overlooks the mountains from a distance.


It was May, so most of the flowers have bloomed, particularly the roses.  There is are still some though.


Down the garden we went, it was actually above an underground parking lot.  Across the street, we came upon MOA (which I pronounce -moah, like the smooch).  It actually stands for the Museum of Anthropology, and is renown for its first nation totem poles, and their cultural items.


I love their ceiling to ground glass windows, it just gives the museum so much light! It also has the most interesting tickets: it is a bookmark, that people can recycle or keep as souvenir.


They have many exhibitions, and according to their own website, has 535,000 archaeological objects (source) .  In reality, they have a little bit of everything.

Walter Koerner, a businessman who made Canada his home, had donated all his European ceramic art collection to the museum in the late 1980s.  There is an extensive Eastern European collection, which I find rare since most feature ceramics from the ancient world, western Europe or Asia.


We walked to the back of the Museum, where there are some nice Totem Pole and Haida houses.  Some of them are mortuary houses while some totem poles are made of family crest, especially if they are in front of the house.  The others are memorial and mortuary poles.  It is quite interesting, I must have went in depth with learning this as a kid but I couldn’t remember (more information) .


I am so short in comparison


The outside was qute nice.

MOA Musuem


Behind MOA is a short trail and leads you down the stairs to Wreck Beach.


Walking down the stairs is great, and the sign comes to …


We have arrived at Wreck Beach, it is a 7.8 Km long Beach! Clothes were optional but we kept it on. I’ve never been there before and lucky for us, there weren’t a lot of people so we really got to enjoy the beach, sand and nature. There were also a few curious tourists.

We sat in a shaded area for it a bit before attempting to find the next trail (as oppose to walking back up all the stairs).  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one and my doll fell out of my bag without me noticing.


last profile.

Sadly, we had to walk up all those stairs again.  We walked around the Marine Drive, passed the Nitobe Gardens and back up towards the bus station for a bus heading home.

… and that was just one side of UBC ….


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