Vancouver: Re-discovering Science World

Located at the edge of False Creek is Science World, a huge globe like figure that has been one of the symbols of Vancouver since Expo 86.  Admittedly, I’ve only been there once before, not having gone there ever as a kid (or perhaps I don’t remember) .


For such a small place, they have three levels, and quite a few exhibitions.  There are live shows and some fun simple experiments for kids in the lobby as well as an exhibition about water.  I couldn’t solve some of the problems … I am not as bright as these 10 year old it seems…


The first floor water exhibition:


The optic illusions:



The second floor has many other exhibitions and experiment.  There is also one temporary exhibitions called Top Secret that just opened. Kids get to learn how to catch spies using clues while using some very interesting gadgets.  You also get to learn how to read secret messages etc.. it’s quite complicated stuff but very fun nonetheless.


There is a small area for body works, as well as Eureka, a kids friendly experimental lab!  Everything is hands on and don’t let kids push you around or let yourself think you are too old for this because there is a lot of things in the world we haven’t learned and yet to explore!  Be curious!

The building also has an exhibition called Sara Stern Gallery, where there are live reptiles and insects as well as a beaver dam.  There is also a bee hive … yes, right on the second floor of Science World.  Even more impressively, there is a T-Rex fossil in the middle of the gallery.


Did you know there was a beaver as big as a bear?
Or an ant that looks like a leaf? 


My favorite thing in Science World is the OMNIMAX theater, it is located on the top part of the building and unlike the IMAX in Victoria, the screen is projected everywhere around you.  It really makes you feel as though you are inside the movie.  The only thing that is missing are smell and water – because it isn’t 4D.


The projector!

Finally, there is a small playground outside of the premise (but still within the ticketed area).  Aside from the playground, there are actually lots of plants for tea etc. that is planted on the premise.  There is even an ant hotel!


Cat tail 

The insect hotel outside, it is perfect for lady bugs and ants.  There is even some rocks for the worms and beetles.


After exploring Science World, people can also walk around the path around false creek.

I just elected to take the skytain from Main Street Station to Waterfront Station to meet up with a friend for dinner at Spencer Lounge on Hastings and dessert at Coffee Bar in Gastown 🙂


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