Vancouver : Burrard Inlet with a twist (and donuts)

Crusing down the Burrard Inlet once more but gone were the live music and slow sails  and in turn, a zodiac running almost 55km/ hour and doing donuts in the waters.


First thing first, we had to get suit up.  It was a giant orange cruiser with built in life jacket.  Making sure that we were all strapped in safely, we made our way to the boat where a driver waited for us for our adventure.

Areas closer to the city needs to be driven fairly slowly so along the way, he acted as our tour guide and talked about the various highlights near Coal Harbour, visible from where we were.

Near the pier, we also found a sleepy sea lion flopping below deck.  She was not impressed when someone up top disturbed her beauty sleep.  If she can make human sounds, she would sound like an angry 40 year old women on boxing day (or black Friday)  LOL.


With a clear distance, we sped up, through and under the Lions Gate bridge and into the open!  We rarely get a view of Vancouver like this … away from the city in the middle of the waters.

The driver did a few donuts and went higher speeds towards Jericho Beach and the UBC area.

We slowed down again when we got closer to land again.  This time we toured around Granville Island and False Creek before turning back but not before doing more donuts!


My quick 90 minutes tour  with Sea Vancouver 🙂


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