North Vancouver : Petting goats at Maplewood Farm …

Petting Goats at Maplewood Farm turns out to be more interesting than we thought.

It all started one day when my friend asked if I wanted to go to the petting zoo.  I think I have been there once in my life but I must have been very young.  I took the bus to Boundary and Hastings, met my friend, where she picked me up and together, proceeded to turn onto the Second Narrow Bridge.

Welcome Gate

The zoo is located in a residential area and we missed it the first time.  We had to open the GPS to find the place (there is a direction map from their own website)

The parking space isn’t that big and we waited a bit before someone left.  There was another car that came in the some time and they look like they were on a date.  The first thing the girl said was “oh, it costs money”.

Yes, it does costs money: $7.80 for adults and $4.70 for kids.  There was an old price board from probably when they first started and admission said $1.25.

At the entrance, we immediately some ponies!


Next to the pony is also a pig pen, but there was only one pig, and it is a breed from Vietnam.

oh .. she’s halfway out the door…
Here is that pretty face! 

Just next door is another pretty face … it’s so big!


There were more ponies in another area …


Across the bridge is also a pond but it is overrun by wild ducks.

Finally, we made it to the petting area.  It composes of goats and they look harmless .. until they think you have food! .. Then they try to jump on you.  I saw some people who took carrots and cabbages from the rabbit pen and used it to feed the goats.  There were also people that pulled down the leaves from the tree to feed the goats.  It’s quite scary because they surround the person with the food and climb on each other.


I love this photo!  There was a goat sitting in the corner and no matter what was happening in front of it, it just continue to sit there.  So we took a photo:)

Cecilia 시실리아-2016-05-23-01-22-21

Next to the goats, a bunch of sheep silently sat and/ or munched on stuff.  Oddly, despite its similarities, the sheet are totally more chill than the goats, which are so excitable!


Now this lamb is a cutie


storage barn


It seems cattle cleans each other too … the other one wants in.


The zoo also has a lot of free range chicken .., so they literally run around the zoo like they own the place.  I sometimes wonder if they give their neighbor’s nuisances .. can you imagine waking up at sunrise to the sound of a rooster’s cry?


I swear, these are one of the largest rabbits I have ever seen.  It is to the point where they are unable to sneak into their hiding place …


Finally, we have the peacock! The pretty peacock is the male and the ordinary bid is the female.


The next stop is Capilano Suspension Bride!


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