Vancouver : Stanley Park Horse – Drawn Tours

It was another gorgeous Friday in Vancouver and I took half a day off to stay in a cafe underground with no windows in order to complete an assignment that I subsequently screwed up.  NEVERTHELESS, it was a good day! After the coffee break, I went out to Stanley Park where my friend and I rode the famous Stanley Park Horse-Drawn Carriage.

Coffee Break – working

I took the #19 bus to Stanley Park to the end of the route and followed the sign to the Stanley Park Carriage.  At normal price, it is $40 per person.

Buy the ticket at this booth. 

The carriage leave once every half hour until 4:30.  The one before ours was full so we were not sure we can get a seat….

Our parked carriage

The draft horses get a nice quick shower and some snacks before heading out on their last run of the day.

Front row seats!

We were wondering why people were passing up this front row seat …

close-up of the new doll 😛

Our 60 minutes tour begin.  We were on the road with other cars going at a slow balancing pace.  Despite its speed, there was still a strong cold draft and we made use of their blankets on the chair.


We also had a tour guide and interestingly, she was a foreigner explaining the history of Vancouver to locals (and other tourists).

We got to get off the carriage for 5 minutes at the totem pole park …


Then .. 45 minutes later, we got off the carriage and went to take selfies with our cute driver.  So horses gets giddy after working too.  This is his take on after work happy hours .. all smiles 🙂


Back at the bus station, we notice some sound from the garbage can …

great escape


Squirrels were everywhere … here is more information about the horse drawn carriages :


4 thoughts on “Vancouver : Stanley Park Horse – Drawn Tours

    1. hm… it is unique in that you are traveling around Stanley park on a horse carriage but if you are on a tight budget, renting and riding a bike around the sea wall is just as good 🙂 .. (this attraction also has groupon from time to time)

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