Vancouver: In Search of Killer Whales in the Salish Seas!

The theme for the month seems to be cruising, from slow evening cruises, to zodiac boats, and now we are on another vessel heading to the coast of Vancouver Island to see Killer Whales!

my boat

It is a new half day tour by the Prince of Whales agency, as it previously only departed from Victoria or it was a full day trip leaving Vancouver with visits to Butchart Gardens.

We were on standby but at the last minute we found out there was room, so we ran like a mad person from Waterfront Station to the Westin where people were preparing to board the vessel.  Luckily for us, another couple was also late so we were able to get on the boat, out of breath but still good.  All the seats up top with the nice view were taken but we got the seats right at the front, with a view and covers from the wind.

Inside the boat

The boat departed from the pier and sailed straight out under the Lions Gate Bridge and out into the open.  There were views of Vancouver, the Stanley Park, Jericho Beach, West Vancouver, and finally Richmond and Tsawwassen.

As we went, we passed a small island with a lot of harbour seals!  Actually, transient killer whales really like eating them … They are safe while they are on land though.



These were the ones my camera got, but this is what my co-volunteer-er got, which I got with his permission:

Photo by Hendrik C.

As we were sailing the Salish Seas, we meet with a frequent sailor – the BC Ferries, probably heading back to Vancouver from Victoria.


Along the way was also lots of sailboats!  It was the long weekend, so I am not surprised there are so many people out and about.


After two hours at sea, we reached the coast of Sidney, a small town near Victoria that is building up to be quite a nice retreat.  We were lucky because we quickly saw some fins popping up!  Sadly, it is just a few black dots on the sea …


These were the best pictures I was able to get.



… and this is what my co-volunteer, Hendrik got:

Killer Whale near Sidney (photo by Hendrik C)

On the way back , we saw some nice views too

On the way back, we passed by Richmond .. and on the rocks are sea lions!!



This was the route that we took:


After, we return to the place we got on the boat … and the proceeded to eat sushi!  It was the cheapest sushi place we can find in downtown Vancouver – Momo Sushi, just off of Robson Street on Bidwell Street.  I think this was about $7.00 but not including tax.


For dessert, we went to Diva at the Met 🙂

Diva at the Met.

… the end of a long but good day.


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