North Vancouver : Capilano Suspension Bridge

One of the biggest attraction in Vancouver is the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which was built in 1889 and spans 140 metres.

Price wise, it costs $39.95 for admission but if you are a residence of B.C, it is a yearly membership.  There is also a free shuttle leaving from Vancouver.


The bridge was built by George Grant Mackay to connect the lands he bought and also to establish his presence in this land so the loggers will not intrude.  With the help of the Khatsahlano brothers (one of the brothers, August would be the future chief of the Squamish nation), the bridge was erected by means of hemp ropes and cedar planks (source).


The area continues to change and expand, with Mackay changing the ropes to cable and the next owner, Edward Mahon, who opened a tea house (which is now a gift shop).  Subsequent owners really marketed the bridge, even adding a tree canopy and a tree walk in 2011.  There is even Christmas lights during winter time!  For more information about the history of Capilano, there is actually a little “Story Center” exhibition.


There is also an area for totem poles and native history area.



A cafe with live band….


… then we went towards the Suspension Bridge!  There was a dog ahead of us, and he was so scared he would not move!  The owner had to pick the dog up but he seemed heavy….


It was quite high, but the bridge is very stable … despite it swaying back and forth.


Traffic jam at the bridge!

Across the bridge is another cafe! $7 for a scoop of ice cream!


Capilano has a treetop adventure, which consists of 7 shorter bridges hanging on large Douglas fir trees.  The website says it didn’t put any nails on the trees and it grows with the trees, so in the future, the tree canopy might go higher and higher!


There are a lot of people at the treetop.  At the beginning of the treetop is also a little hut where you can grab a piece of paper to answer questions around the area.  When the questionnaire is completed, you get a free badge.!


While at the tree canopy, we also started searching for answers.


The tree canopy wasn’t that interesting and we exited … proceeding to walk around the area looking for answers to the questionnaire.


Some parts of Capilano was really pretty …


More research
the canopy


The birds of capilano ..


The capilano park also has a small hiking trail.  Visitors rarely seems to walk in these trail so it is great to escape the crowds and also gives a nice view of the bridge.

WP_20160522_073WP_20160522_081 (1)WP_20160522_084 (1)

There is my badge!  We completed the questionnaire and got a free pin.


Made this into a postcard!

Rush hour was over and so the suspension bridge was free of people!

In recent years, they also opened a cliffwalk, a walkway that goes on the side of the cliff and even a stretches out into the open space.



wishing well

Inside the gift shop was also a fudge store.


fudge and map

At the exit, we got our certificate – we made it!


That was the end, .. we went to find dinner and ended up in Chinatown in a very bad restaurants.  Fun day!


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