Vancouver : UBC Botanic Gardens,Treetop Canopy, and the Pacific Spirit

Sunny weekends continue to be the norm and this week we are back at the University of British Columbia.  The destination this time is the Botanic Gardens and the Treetop Canopy.  We got a groupon for the attraction, which reduce the admission fee to 50% off, so make sure you check all the possible cheap ways to explore Vancouver!

UBC Botanic Gardens

My friend picked us up from Marine Drive Station and drove us to UBC.  By transit, the place can be reached by #14 bus coming from downtown.

The tree canopy is located inside the botanic gardens; therefore, a person must pay for both admission for the garden and the tree canopy if they want to do the latter.

We visited the botanic gardens first but we did not go through the whole place.  We walked through a tree roof!  The trees grow on top , providing a wonderful shade, but then my friend asks .. what if it rains?

tree roof

What fascinated us was the food garden, where it features strawberries, blueberries, and other delicious salad ingredients 😛



There was a large field and there were some small birds circling us .. like we were their prays …


cedar tree


At the entrance, we were given a password to the door to the tree canopy! Unfortunately, the password did not work but I phoned the front desk to get the correct password.  The walkway was narrow and it moved a lot.  The kid in front of me started crying and the family had to go back because he couldn’t go forward.


There is also a tower we can climb up … and from there, we were able to see an eagle!



With just a little time left before lunch, we headed to the nearby Pacific Spirit Regional Park.  The area is 750 hectares big, although I find that urbanization is closing in on this patch of land – and fast.  I joked that A & W is just around the corner if you want to give up the hike and grab something to eat.

Some of the paths are shared with bikes but other are just for pedestrians and mans best friend (which can be off leash!).  To walk around the entire park takes about 3 hours (suggested route) but it is very shaded, even under the warm sun.


We only walked 30 minutes before returning to the car, which we parked for free at the side of the road.  The path seems very flat and not too difficult, will probable walk around it another time 🙂

Lunch was all the way back in Burnaby’s Cafe Ki next to Royal Oak’s Station.


I also made postcards from my pictures with Hano-Ko



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