Vancouver : There is something about the Aquarium

It turns out that not every weekend will be nice and sunny … and on days that isn’t, there a few indoor activities that are available – like the Aquarium for instances!

Ooohhh Jellyfish

The Aquarium is located in Stanley Park and there is a #19 bus that runs on West Pender St. that can take you from Metrotown, through Downtown straight into the park.

The price is about $36 per person …. However, included is the tax … as well as some fun animal encounters 🙂  If you time it perfectly, there is never a moment where you have any down time.

There really isn’t any shows, but there are staff workers that explains the animal’s behavior during feeding time.

There are also many different types of jellyfish and very unique looking jellyfish tanks.  Jellyfish doesn’t have a heart, bones, eyes or brain and lives on 2 to 6 months. They are living for moment and live by reacting ~

Unfortunately, the ones on the bottom who are propelling towards the ground needs a bit of help …

There was also a dolphin encounter with two porpoises and two beluga .. with the latter completely stealing the show!


Back to the seals … the animals at the aquarium are often saved from injuries  or abandonment and rehabilitated before being set free.  Some of the seals that resided here were named according to the theme of the year .. there was Harry Potter, capital cities, and famous people.

There was also the favorite – sea otters!


The penguin encounter .. all the penguins were hiding in the shaded area …


The aquarium also has a String Ray touch pool where people can feel the smooth leatheriness of the rays.  Some of the rays were more shy than others, being closer to the bottom and moving away when they see a hand but others were more energetic, even giving high fives to visitors at the edge of the pool 🙂


Due to Finding Nemo … the clown fish is very popular now!


Despite being an Aquarium, there is also an Amazon area.  There is a sloth … monkey, snakes, blue poison dart fish,  and turtles …


I am under the sea!!  … and after watching the 4D show .. concludes the trip to the aquarium,


June 2016


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