Squamish : Miga goes White Water Rafting!

I got to go to a White Water Rafting trip in Squamish!  Not knowing how to swim and the hated getting wet made me ponder if it was such a good idea after all, but it turned out to be quite fun!

DSCN1707I think what was more exciting than the rapids were the serenity of the area, there was nothing else there except the other rafts and the lumber trucks that rolled by the side of the cliff.  Everything was pure nature – with snow capped mountains and fresh water coming down those mountains itself. It actually reminded me of of the time I was in Machu Picchu.

We started the day nice and early in front of Pan Pacific Hotel where a small van came to pick us up for Squamish, which is about an hour away.  In Squamish, we signed our papers, put on our wet suits, life jackets, and all safety measures, then got on a school bus towards the rapids!


Meet the school bus, which is dragging the rafts.  The ride was another 40 minutes from the hotel.  In the mean time, we got to know other people on the bus .. and oh … the nature was our washroom.  Most of the staff were from New Zealand, I guess it is winter for them so they have to head elsewhere for work.

Due to the hot weather over the weekend, the snow melted a bit quicker than usual so the water level was high.  Therefore, it was too dangerous for us to begin from the beginning, so we went down the river by 5 minutes.

Upon boarding, we got the rafts to the edge of the river and then listened to some last minute safety tips.


.. and we were on our way!  The first part was more mellow but there were still some crazy waves.


We took a short break in the middle, where they gave us some ice tea and a granola bar .. and we got to see some very nice views!


… then we were off again.  In some more quieter areas, some of the younger people played games on the raft, standing up and doing twirls while other volunteered to jump into the water.


working hard 🙂

Unfortunately, my camera batteries died andthe last part of the rafting trip was the best .. it got a bit mellow again but you can see the beautiful waterfalls and snow capped mountains behind you .. it was great! Regretfully, I could not get a photo but it will live in my memory …LOL

After that, we got on shore and then rode the bus back to Squamish.  Since we covered a lot of distance in the water, the ride was not as long as the one going there.  At the office, we got to have some nachos and watch the videos our driver took.  Finally, we took the van home where I slept peacefully.


June 2016


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