Vancouver Island : Lake Cowichan

We saw a little YouTube video about tubing in Lake Cowichan, so that was enough for us to book our airbnb and make our three hour trip to Lake Cowichan.

Lake Cowichan 


We didn’t book our ferry out of Horseshoe Bay so we had to wait for the next ferry, which was approximately 2 hours (since we JUST missed the 12:50 one and then couldn’t buy the 2:30 one). In the mean time, we went to the back of the trunk and dug out an aged-old game of Uno to pass time.  There were no Pokemons in the area, we checked it thoroughly.

We finally made it onto the 3 o’clock ferry but just barely, as we were the last few cars in.  Our first stop was the White spot, a must-have for all ferry takers if only because it is the only restaurant on it…

Ferry ride

After docking, we headed south towards Victoria, turning on Highway 18 near the town of Duncan and continue on towards Lake Cowichan.  At my friend’s driving speed, we made it in 1 hour flat.

Highway 18

In town, we were driving in circles trying to find our Airbnb rental and finally found ourselves face to face with a berry-eating deer.  So my friend did what most fascinated city dwellers would do, drive closer to the deer for some up-close photography.  No deer was hurt in this adventure.



The rental was actually just next to where we found the deer … plus, the host waived at us, knowing we were visitors.  We were taken into the house, a simple cozy house that was good enough for a night’s stay.

We stayed here.

The host also said there was a trail nearby so we walked around there before getting dinner.  It is actually part of the Cowichan Valley Trail, but not the exciting part.  The trail was a straight road, so straight that we can see light at the end and thought we were in Alice in the Wonderland.  Along the path, we meet two fairly territorial dogs, which on our way back actually ran and pounded onto the fence that separatedthe trail’s bushes and private property.

For dinner, we decided to eat sushi because we had burgers for lunch.  However, that proved to be not such a good idea.  It turns out that sushi in a small town is much more expensive than most sushi places in Vancouver!  It’s not monopoly but it’s fairly close.  The sushi was interesting but it breaks apart when you pick it up.  The owner also said we weren’t going to order that much, which was true, he said it in his own language, which happens to be one of our friends’ mother tongue….


In any case, after dinner, we went to the grocery next door.  Shockingly it opens until 10 PM, which can’t be said about a lot of stores in Vancouver … my friend was so excited when she saw Perrier, 2 for $3.00.

WP_20160715_028 (1)

.. then we return to our place!

July 2016.


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