Cypress Mountain : Eagle Bluff

It is the first week of August and really the last month to do any outdoor activities before the rain comes.  I saw some Instagram pictures of people doing Eagle’s Bluff, so here we are …

Eagle’s Bluff

We took the highway towards Whistler and then exit #8 to Cypress.  There are lots of free parking but no public transit.

Coming into the free parking lot

My friend drove and we should have really stopped by somewhere to grab something to eat first because Cypress Mountain was kind of … void of anything that you can use money on.  There were a few vending machines next to the washroom …

free parking

Cypress Mountain was home to the moguls and freestyle skiing competition during the 2010 Vancouver winter Olympics.  It is also a wonderful skiing area during winter.. I think I have been there once.

The hike begins, and it was a total ascent of 350 meters but most of it was in the beginning.  It turns out the last six months of yoga training did nothing to help my stamina or energy.  I heaved and I ho’ed … it was a very long and difficult walk up the white pebbled path and not a lot of shade .. not during noon anyways.

I wish the path was as nice and flat as this one.. it turns out, we were on the wrong trail but we turned back early  …

The view was OK, we were able to look down on the skiing slopes, but being summer, it was a lot of grassy land.


After going up the stairs, the path got a little more flat and even had some nice mix of ascending and descending. Along the way are also a lot of ponds, which meant there were a lot of mosquitoes and some nice bright blue dragonflies.

We made it to a forested area where the trail is marked by a small orange diamond plaque.  The shaded area was much cooler than anywhere else on the trail.

We made it to the top of Eagle’s Bluff!!  I saw some Eagles for afar, they glided in the sky like they own it 😛  We even saw a raven!  In the beginning, it looks like a normal crow only much bigger and it had such sleek black feathers.  I couldn’t get close enough to take a photo … On the other hand, our picnic were raided by chipmunks.  These little critters sneaks up behind you to grab your crumbs, and splits away the moment you see them.  I had a Ziploc bag behind me and a chipmunk almost crawled in …


The Eagle’s Bluff route was supposed to be a loop but we couldn’t find the other path, so we went back the way we came from.


We did stop by one of the lake, which was gorgeous and attracted a lot of humans and doggy swimmers alike.

Downhill was much easier than uphill … I literally ran down the hill, which resulted in a few mini sprains and even landed on my butt down a slippery descend … but we made it back in 4 hours, and this is after spending almost 30 minutes at the top.  Hiking partner didn’t seem all that impressed when I decided to run (it really hurts the quad muscle and three days later I am still in some discomforts).

It was a good hike, a little sore, but it really opened up my lungs after all the gasping! The view at the top as quite nice, although I thought the lake was nicer (they actually have a few).  Bring food, water, sunscreen, and most importantly – mosquito repellent!


Dinner was on the disappointing side but it was a nice Monday – better than say .. working!

Happy hiking!




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