Canadian Rockies : Lake Louise Gondola

Although we only entered the Rockies yesterday, it was time to leave already!  Having visited Canmore and Banff in the morning, we head towards Lake Louise sightseeing Gondola for lunch.  We would also stop by 2 other natural attractions before dinner at Revelstoke and a visit to a ghost town!

An on the road photo:


The Lake Louise Gondola actually serves as a ski resort/ slope during winter time so it is quite quiet during the summer time.  Most of the people there were from tours.  The attraction is excluded from our tour so we had to pay an additional $40 but this $40 includes the gondola and a buffet lunch!

The gondola has two types of chairs, an actual enclosed gondola and a chair lift.  We picked the chair lift.  The lift took us up Mount Whitehorn.

The flatten area are undoubtedly ski slopes but during these nice summer days, its all green.  I think the entire ride was about 10-15 minutes.

Along the way, we even saw a bear!   We also saw a baby bear on the highway. Bear = 곰 = g(k)om in Korean.

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We continue moving higher and higher up the mountain.

At the top of the gondola is a lookout point where you can see the Bow Valley, the Great Continental divide, Lake Louise and the Chateau in the background.

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There is also a snowmobile, a snow-making machine and some beach chairs on the ground.


We actually had to leave the lookout point because there were too many people.  We followed the trail down towards the Whitehorn Lodge, where there were less people and you can do silly posses …

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It looks like more of the same, doesn’t it?  LOL.

More random photos from the trail:

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We didn’t have enough time to go to the conservation center or even around the trail.  We had to go back down the gondola and join the rest of the tour group at the cafeteria for our buffet lunch.  The buffet was great though! There was lots to eat – soup, chicken, fish, different types of salad, and fried rice.  It was one of the best meals I had, and even so, people still wasted food =(

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Heading out .. we saw more trains.


August 2016.


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