Horseshoe Bay : Whytecliff Park

One of the last few weeks of summer!  I decided to go to Whytecliff Park in Horseshoe Bay because it is a known area of where Harbour Seals might show up.  Transit wise, I just took bus 260 ‘Horseshoe Bay’ from Granville and West Georgia street, just next to the department store, the Bay.  You can also take it near the post office down towards the library to ensure a spot to sit.

There is a park across the pier and, on that day, had a lot of students having a picnic.

At the pier, we were already able to see a harbour seal in the water swimming by itself! Afterwards, we were on our way to Whytecliff Park.  The park has a nice grassy land and heading towards the water is also a pebble beach and some sea mammals.

By walking, it is about 30 minutes from the Harbour Park.  I am not sure if there is a shortcut where we can cut through the coast line, but we just followed the road (Marine Drive), which went around a residential area.  The road winds a bit …  the lady whom I had asked for directions said it is pretty scenic ..

The road isn’t classified as a ‘hike’ but 30 minutes of walking can certainly seem like so.  There are lots of really nice houses along the way,  some on very high cliff sides.  There is a pedestrian road but it is fairly narrow and very close to the road.  At certain points around the curve, the pedestrian road disappears.

Closing in on the park, the road turns from trees and cliffs to a water body.  This is also where the pedestrian road ends.  I have to say this: on the way to the park, there were a bunch of students walking in front of us.  They were too busy talking to notice that we were behind them.  Then, one of the guys stopped next to a tree … Yes, there are no public washrooms along the way, and it might be too dangerous to go close to the cliff side; therefore, one should either go before or wait until you are at the park.

We have arrived at the park!  The park has a small parking lot, a cafe, and possibly a washroom.  There were many people having a picnic there as well.  A short walk down a path or a flight of stairs, and we were at the beach! It might have been low tide when we arrived so we can walk towards the island at the type.

I am really good a spotting floating sea mammals (keke), so I immediately knew there were seals lying on the rocks at the far island.  It also helped that there were an abundance of individuals standing there starring rock-like moving objects.

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Many people climbed the large rock but it was really slippery and people without proper shoes (i.e. me), shouldn’t really climb it.  I only went half way and then slid back down 🙂  It was time to head back out!  30 minutes and another hour of bus ride was required to get back to Vancouver downtown.  [ the bus stop we waited at really stunk].

That was my weekend trip!


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