White Rock : 1001 Steps and Blackie Spit

The final week of August brings us to White Rock and the 1001 steps.  Honestly, the reason I went was because my British co-worker living in Delta said it was a nice place and he saw some marine sea mammals there.  Therefore, we were on the bus 351 from Bridgeport Station to White Rock’s 1001 Steps.


I asked my mom if she wanted to go, I told her it’s a beach and you can see sea mammals.  The area in Surrey is called Ocean Park, and in her mind, she thought it was similar to an aquarium (because there is an amusement park in Hong Kong called Ocean Park).


This was my print screen google map of when to get off.  Next to the bus station was Ocean Park mall, which was really a strip mall.

strip mall – across the bus stop 

Walking along 15A Street to the edge of the residential road, we would find 1001 Steps. Actually, there was only 200 steps at most, but it sounds better with 1001 steps.

The steps looks quite good and easy to walk on.

At the end of the stairs is a path that runs side by side with a train track, but had fence that blocked people from crossing.

Eventually, you’ll see some steps and an underground passageway to the beach.

The view from the beach!  It was high tide and there were no crabs or seals 😦


No very satisfied, we got back on the bus again and sat for 12 minutes before arriving at Crescent Beach.  There was a little area at the edge of the Crescent Beach known as Blackie Spit, which I didn’t go last time.  The sand was a darker color and was quite soft, much softer than the pebble beach.

There were some dried grass patches but still quite nice.


.. then we just walked back to the bus stop to start our 1.5 hours journey home.

Crescent Beach 

August 2016


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