Kelowna : Day 1 – Lakeside City Parks

Alone at last!  Heading down from the Knox Mountain, I walked down Ellis Street and then turned to Clement Ave to find myself among modern residential buildings and a series of psark.

The parks are next to the Okanagan Lake, a 135 km long water body that runs through the city of Penticton, Kelowna and up to Vernon.  Its more famous residence is the Ogopogo, a legendary sea monster.


On Sundays, there are $5 BBQ at the Waterfront Park for its residences.  I see but did not get, because I wasn’t sure if I could.


There is a boardwalk that goes around the Waterfront Park …

Beyond the Waterfront Park heading south is the Kelowna Yacht Club, where many yachts were parked.

At Stuart Park, there is also Bear Sculpture… the word Kelowna derives from the local native language – Grizzly Bears!

Speaking of Ogopogo .. here is the Ogopogo! It is located in another park – Kerry Park.  There are many public arts around Kelowna, and the government even has a brochure to encourage you to find them all.


The last park along this side of the WAC Bennett Bridge is the Kelowna City Park.  The park has a parking lot, a Childrens’ Waterpark, Skateboard Park, and a playground.  On Sunday afternoons, there are some younger crowds that are playing music, or doing the popular slacklining (rope walking between trees).

Along the narrow edge of the city park is also the Hot Sands Beach.

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There is a gate that takes you underneath the WAC Bennett Bridge, to the other side.  It was probably not an haphazard act when a public piano was placed there because the tunnel has excellent acoustics.

The other side is another beach.  It isn’t labelled on the map so perhaps it was a hidden beach!  The trees are colored ..

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… then came a problem.  Food.  Most of the cheap eats on my list, usually in the forms of cafes,  have already closed!  I walked around Lawrence Ave and Bernard Avenue and being Sunday, most stores, even Shoppers Drugs mart, closed early.  In the end, I settled on a Korean Restaurant and had a $12.50 Tofu Pork Jigae.  Taking a final photo of the day of Bernard Avenue (the downtown of Kelowna), I went back to my hostel to find a somewhat distraught roommie.  ..and so …slept at 8 P.M.

… Day 2 – onto Dilworth Mountain.

September 2016


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