Kelowna : Day 2 – Dilworth Mountain

By the first day, I realized that it was very hard to get anywhere without a car … I already gave up my plans of riding a bike at Myra Canyon due to the lack of public transportation that can get me there (even though it is listed as the #1 thing to do in Kelowna.)


Rather than eat the breakfast at the hostel,  I went out to a cafe called O’Lake Cafe and had a breakfast wrap and coffee.   It was a Monday morning around 8:30 AM and most people were probably at work by then.  There weren’t a lot of people or cars around this area of Kelowna (maybe on the other side?), Bernard Ave was empty and many stores have yet to open.  The weather was cool and the air was great.

After breakfast, I tried my luck with tourism Kelowna again. While outside, I saw a painted map of Kelowna with a large area called “Dilworth Mountain”.  I went inside to use their internet to check how to get there and I was my way.

The bus stop is called Queensway Exchange, which is conveniently located on Queensway and Elis Street.  Most of the buses leaves from this transportation hub.  I wish I had gotten a day pass because they don’t sell them on the bus.  Nevertheless, the bus driver was really nice.  He told me how to get to Dilworth Mountain and even gave me a schedule book, which allowed me to plan for the rest of the day.

The driver dropped me off at the bottom of Dilworth Mountain and I walked up the path to the Dilworth Estates.  Normally, there is a #3 bus that takes me to the park but it is only available in the morning and late afternoon and I had just missed it.  However, the walk up to the estate is very pretty!  The 1st and 5th picture with the hump that looks like a bit like a whale — that’s Dilworth Mountain.

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Dilworth Estates has a lot of very pretty houses with pretty views.  It must be where rich or retirees (or both) lives.  I’m surrounded my houses everywhere … the average house prices are around $700,000 according to one real estate website.  You can sell a crappy house in Vancouver, buy a nice one here and still have lots of spending money :).  I found a dog walking poster, it is only $8.00 / km.  If I can walk about 5 Km an hour, I can make $40! That’s about 3.5 hours of office work for me and this is all without tax too!

I think this was the park the Kelowna site was referring to … It has a parking lot right next to a lot of houses.  There were many paths but I just wanted to go to the edge of the hill to see the scenic view.  Beneath the mountain is a golf course, and that is probably the greenest land you can see in Kelowna.  The edge is blocked by a fence although some parts aren’t.  The rocks here are hoodoo rocks, where different types of rocks are eroded in a different timely manner.

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I didn’t walk back down from there, I didn’t really know where the paths lead and there weren’t a lot of people at the park, so I elected to return to the entrance and find another summit!

I was on Summit Drive, thinking that it will eventually lead me somewhere .. like the top for instance.  Along the way, cars whizzed passed me on nicely paved roads and dogs were looking at me going “whatcha doing here? GRR”.  Eventually, I found a small signed on the road that said “Skenna Scenic Trail” … ooh! Trail!  I haven’t read anything about this trail anywhere, and since I’m surrounded by houses, there shouldn’t be any wild animals.

The markings on the trail wasn’t clear and I just followed whichever seems to be most walked.  There were always houses on top of the trails … I suppose, the people saw this land and didn’t think much of it aside from just developing it.

I only heard the birds chipping near the bottom of the trail … as it goes higher, there weren’t a lot of noises … it was really quiet and really hot.

There wasn’t a lot of shade and I might have walked for 30 minutes, having just saw one person.  When I turned the corner, below me were houses and driveways and people coming home from shopping.

I might have came to the end of the trail … I wasn’t sure, the trail kind of disappears as I continue walking.  I found a large black rock at the end and I made it there …

Where my stuffie Noriko is .. that’s the end of the trail I think.  I looked back and found my trail GONE!  It’s quite slippery and I had to lean at an angle as I made my way across.  Nevertheless, I made it back and just in time to meet the #7 bus taking me to Orchard Park Shopping Mall!

September 2016


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