Kelowna : Day 2 – UBC-Okanagan

After the hike around Dilworth Mountain, I caught the bus to Orchard Park Mall, where I can refill my water bottle and rest.  My old shoes were so dusty and dirty from the hike that I was happy to exchange it for a new pair of walking shoes I found on sale at the mall.

I also had lunch and just wandered around before heading to my next destination – UBC Okanagan.  There were many buses that goes up to to UBC-O, such as #97 and #8.  I took #8, which is a double Decker bus, the same one as in Victoria! The ride almost took 30 minutes … but the view outside was nice 🙂

The city has such a new young vibe partially because of the school but also because of the tech industry that has been moving in.

Along the way, I felt like I was in the desert … it was yellow and dry but I can now see a lot of grape fields!  They thrive in these environments.

Finally arrived in the University!  I thought it was going to be big, so I took some photos of the map then walked to their courtyard.  Wow! Such college vibrant ~ the students were all outside in studying, chatting, and enjoying the sunshine.

Walking up the stairs towards the school leads me to another set of stairs.  I think this is the arts building.  It was built in 2005, pretty new no?


What is the most interesting thing is the residential area .. it looks really nice!

I didn’t go into any of the buildings because class were in session and I felt like I didn’t belong, no matter how much I pretended to be a student … lol

So I went to check out their walking trail!  The school described it as trails to clear the mind .. or something like that.  I went to the Pine Trail which is the furthest from the campus.  I only wanted to walk a little bit of it … it seems kind of secluded.  Plus, there are bears!

The rest of the school … I just came for 1.5 hours or so …

I had some time left so the next stop was.. the beach!

September 2016


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