Kelowna : Day 2 – Gyro Beach & along Pandosy

I continued sitting on the bus 8 from the University of BC – Okanagan all the way to Pandosy Street.  Near here are a series of beaches along Lake Okanagan but the more famous ones is Boyce-Gyro Beach.


I got off the bus and then walked on Pandosy Street.  Most of the street ends with a view of the sea, you would think that all the beaches are connected but it isn’t true!   Apparently, the houses near the lakeside all have their own private beach!


Here was one of the dead end beaches … you walk in and you walk back out .. it is small and clearly not the one I am looking for.


Finally arrived!  The Bryce- Gyro Park!  This park was donated to the city by the Kelowna Gyro’s club and it was originally owned by Dr. Benjamin deFurlong Boyce (who gave it to the men’s club).

The beach isn’t that big and it is between residential homes.  There are a lot of people on the beach and even a person playing salsa music too.  The sand is quite soft and clean, no cigarette butts (which is always a pet peeve for me).

They even have a path for floating wheelchairs!

I love how they have trees on the beach, it provides a natural area of shade without disturbing anyone’s view.

There are also tiny playground that goes down and disappears into the waters.

Within 5 minutes is another beach called the Rotary Park & Beach.  Between the two beaches are more houses!  Here is an empty lot with a nice private beach.


Rotary Beach was much of the same except it is a bit smaller.  There is also a plank for floating wheelchair.  This beach has a larger grassy area where people can have picnics.

I think it is around a 5 KM walk from Rotary Park Beach back to downtown, it is far but quite do-able.  Pandosy is a nice neighbourhood with a nearby mall and some nice new plazas. There are also some cafes and restaurants around here too, particularly closer to the beach.

I randomly walked down one of the residential lanes and found myself in this gorgeous hidden park.  I believe it is called Kinsman Park and it is located down a lane between houses.

It was so grassy and so quiet… I can sneeze and feel guilty because it would disrupt the quietness.  There were people reading a book, sun tanning, or just taking a nap with their dog.

Although one of the top industry if not THE top industry in Kelowna is tourism, there are a lot of ‘hidden’.  For example, of all the parks I visited, I liked the Kinsman Park the most but this was not on any of the brochures or even named on a map that I had.

While I was walking back, I found another surprise, a heritage walk!  It starts at Strathcona Park and goes along Abbot Street.

Some of the houses were over a 100 years old and there are signs right on their front yard that tells you the story of the house.

Along the way, there is also another small beach .. right between the private beaches!

… I continued walking along the heritage walk.  There are histories along the streets … I also found a very cute house that resembles something from the fairy tales!  It is also a heritage house, some 100 years old.

Through the passage and back to downtown.

Day two is finally over – dinner, dessert, and sunset.

September 2016.


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