Kelowna : Day 3 – Museums, Kusagai Garden

Finaly blog on Kelowna .. I was going to try the hostel’s breakfast but by the time I went down, there was only one rotten fruit left .. so I ate some cereal.  I ate the breakfast outside on a swinging hammock .. oh, and that was my room.

When I went to return the keys at the front desk, there was of course.. no one at the counter.

I checked out and we to find breakfast … I found a place called Pulp Fiction Cafe.  It was recommended in many websites I read.  In addition to serving food, they have an antique collection and some older records and of course, pulp fiction for sale (address: 1598 Pandosy St, Kelowna, BC ).

The next stop was the Okanagan Heritage Museum.  Admission is by donation and the lady at the front desk was really nice.  The first section talks about its native pass and the fur trading days.  Back then, this was the only stop between the border and the next trading post, Kamloops.

Another part of the museum showed how the settlers came to Kelowna and how entrepreneurs made Kelowna an industrial town.  As settler moved in, the plots were drawn and expanded until it absorbed nearby Pandosy, Rutland, among others… and they now become part of an area in Kelowna.  Hm.. guess I didn’t take a photo of that, but here’s a picture of fur trading prices.


They also transplanted an old medicine store from Kelowna’s Chinatown.  Kelowna’s Chinatown used to be located just where the downtown core is.  Currently,Kelowna doesn’t have a Chinatown. There but at one point, there were so many Chinese here that Dr. Sun Yat Sen, had came to Kelowna to gather support and money to dispose the corrupted Qing Dynasty from power in China.  This store belonged to the Wong family.  Their descendants are said to still be living in Kelowna.

The rest : local animals plus the Kelowna sports hall of fame.


The next stop was the Lauren Packing House and BC Wine Museum.  The latter used to sell wine but not anymore.  These days half of the building is empty for renting.

The Lauren packing house was a real packing house back in the day.  They have some old pictures and history of its hay day. They still have some machines and even instructions on the right and wrong way of putting apples into a box.  I was thinking that had I did fruit packing in Australia that I would be an expert at this 🙂

The Wine archive had some older wine bottles and some souvenirs plus a few barrels here and there.

The final stop is the Kusugai Garden!  The garden is just behind the city hall and it is free.  It is named Kusagai because it is Kelowna’s sister city in Japan. (Kusagai is located in Aichi Prefecture, where the most famous city there is Nagoya.)  The garden is quite small but at least it isn’t hidden like the one in North Vancouver.  They also have a garden map with a mixture of local and Japanese plants.  More info here.

That was the last day in Kelowna! I took the bus to Orchard Park for lunch and then made my way to Greyhound for my 6 hours bus ride home!  Before leaving, I made the silly mistake of buying curry to go …not only was I afraid it was going to spill but that it had a nice sweet coconut smell .. which I was afraid would spread through the bus.

September 13, 2016


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