Seattle : Around town

After Bainbridge Island, we went to a lot of places starting with the King Street Station!  This is where one would take the Amtrak.  I did that the last time I went to Seattle.  (link: We only passed by here, as our main purpose was to go to the International District’s Uwajima, a Japanese market located next to… Continue reading Seattle : Around town

Seattle : Waterfront & Bainbridge Island

The second stop of this trip was to Bainbridge Island!  I already been there before but the ferry is the best place to see Seattle. The Waterfront is still under construction, like the last time, but at least parts of the pedestrian road has opened up.  One of the more iconic structure on the Waterfront is… Continue reading Seattle : Waterfront & Bainbridge Island

Seattle : Pike Place Market

Alright so this isn’t Vancouver, but it’s close by and every summer needs a mini weekend road trip right? Actually, this is the second time I went to Seattle in two months …. see my blogs here: I basically covered the same things this time … just something different … like learning that the Quick… Continue reading Seattle : Pike Place Market