Vancouver Island : Tubing down Lake Cowichan

***Today was the day,  We were going to float down Lake Cowichan, sprawled out in our tube, sipping a milkshake and pretending like I’m living the life while I float down the river … was my expectations too high? The day started well enough … so it turns out one of the roommates snores but I… Continue reading Vancouver Island : Tubing down Lake Cowichan

Victoria : Vancouver Island – Westsong Walkway

Our last stop was the Songhee Walkway, which is across from the Inner Harbour.  We had already been to Beacon Hill Park, Royal BC Museum, Inner Harbour, and Chinatown. The Blue Bridge or Johnson Street Bridge is located on Pandora Avenue and after crossing it, becomes Esquimalt Road.  Rather than continuing, there is a small path… Continue reading Victoria : Vancouver Island – Westsong Walkway

Nanaimo : Vancouver Island –One Short Stopover

Last day at Parksville but we headed out early to Nanaimo for a short stopover before heading back to mainland. Before departing from Parksville, we had lunch at this place called Lefty’s Restaurants, which was opened by Leftys.  We had some delicious pancakes and a special brunch omelets ( I don’t know the name because it… Continue reading Nanaimo : Vancouver Island –One Short Stopover

Parksville : Vancouver Island – Sailing on the Horizons and Bidding Farewell to 2015

Having celebrated New Years with the fireworks at the Sydney Opera House and the Beaches in Southern Taiwan, I made it a point to do something special for new years when I am back home.  Granted I haven’t really done that since coming back but I decided to do it in 2015! Below: Chasing the last sunset of… Continue reading Parksville : Vancouver Island – Sailing on the Horizons and Bidding Farewell to 2015

Seattle : Waterfront & Bainbridge Island

The second stop of this trip was to Bainbridge Island!  I already been there before but the ferry is the best place to see Seattle. The Waterfront is still under construction, like the last time, but at least parts of the pedestrian road has opened up.  One of the more iconic structure on the Waterfront is… Continue reading Seattle : Waterfront & Bainbridge Island

Bowen Island : Ferry, Snug Cove

Summer weekend trip resumes and the next place on my bucket list was Bowen Island! Aside from our friend (and awesome driver), Gina, none of the three other friends I went with have gone there before, even though it wasn’t that far from Vancouver. We took highway BC-99 N and BC-1 W; by bus, it is… Continue reading Bowen Island : Ferry, Snug Cove